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Ayre Acoustics P-5xe Phono Preamp

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Designed and handbuilt in Boulder, Colorado—the 5 series has withstood the test of time as ultra-reliable, reference quality gear that has been heralded by reviewers worldwide for its superior musicality. Adhering to our philosophy of upgrading rather than obsolesence, each of the 5 series products receives perodic upgrades reflecting significant technical improvements we have discovered through our continued reasearch and developement. Every product in the 5 series is designed for a life time of musical enjoyment.

The Ayre P-5xe phono preamplifier uncovers the astounding musicality in your favorite records. Music flows from a pure black background, thanks to ultra-low noise FET circuitry in a zero-feedback configuration. Fully adjustable gain and loading options provide complete compatibility with the widest possible range of cartridges, from low-output exotic moving coils to high-output moving magnet designs. Our proprietary two-stage passive RIAA equalization ensures unparalleled tonal realism. The Ayre P-5xe infuses new life into a classic format.


  • fully-balanced from input to output
  • zero-feedback
  • Ultra-low noise discrete FET circuitry
  • Two-stage passive RIAA equalization
  • Balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs
  • Adjustable gain accommodates very low to high output cartridges
  • Cartridge loading is adjustable with switches on back of unit
  • Custom high quality capacitors
  • Special high-speed circuit board material
  • Ayre Conditioner (patent pending) power-line RFI filter




50 dB, 60 dB, 70 dB to balanced outputs
44 dB, 54 dB, 64 dB to single-ended outputs

Input Impedance
47 kohm, 1000 ohm, 100 ohm

Frequency Response
RIAA curve accurate to ± 0.05 dB

Power Consumption
10 watts

17.25″W x 13.75″D x 2.38″H
(43.8cm x 35cm x 6cm)

12 pounds (5.5 kg)

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