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MIT Cables Vero Full Headphone Dongle

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The Vero Full Range Headphone Dongle has 12 Poles of Articulation from MIT’s patented Multipole Technology. Compared to “just cable”, the 12 Poles synergistically work together to transport the audio signal with a more even, or flatter response. The difference is dramatic.

By using MIT’s Multipole Technology, both the Vero Full Range Dongle and Vero Reference Dongle models will create a lifelike immersive listening experience against a deep black background.

Rest assured that both designs will outperform any competitor’s product with multi-patented circuits and are proven in the field by scores of recording professionals and audio experts, worldwide.

Vero, meaning “true” in Italian, is the essence of our latest designs aiming at “truth in music”. With this new headphone interface installed, you find yourself suspended in a giant three-dimensional space where the background is black, silent and expansive beyond normal perceived boundaries. Natural timbre and textures will sound lifelike, providing a spacious sound that separates the listener from the equipment and setting the stage for the closest thing yet to “truth in music”.

Now offered with most headphone terminations, MIT offers you a choice in performance levels and input jacks. We also offer extended lengths that are not cost prohibitive when you want to have your amp across the room, balcony or boat. Just figure the distance you want, the phones you are connecting to and the type of input you favor.

Vero Full Range Dongle Features & Benefits:

  • Multipole Technology– 12 Poles of Articulation deliver MIT Cables’ signature performance to your headphone system.
  • Three-dimensional space where the background is black, silent and void of “walls”.
  • Reproduces natural timbre and textures, producing a greater sense of imaging, fine detail and microdynamics.
  • Available in: XLR, 1/4 inch and 3.5 terminations.

Easy to use. The Vero “dongle” is designed to be used with any good headphone cable. Simply plug the Vero into your source, connect your existing headphone cable into the Vero “dongle”, and enjoy the performance!

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