Shunyata Research HYDRA DPC-6 V3 Power Distributor

HYDRA DPC-6 is the first HYDRA designed specifically to optimize the performance of digital media-server entertainment systems.


Components such as digital servers, routers, disk-arrays, transports, computers and digital media centers can put out a significant amount of digital noise and often have inexpensive ’switching’ power supplies that have poor power filtration built-in. The HYDRA DPC-6 electrically isolates (firewalls) these devices and prevents them from polluting the audio components on the power line.


The DPC-6 features a Shunyata Research developed digital filter that dramatically reduces the digital hash and noise that is commonly associated with digital media playback. The DPC-6 is also quite effective when used with digital video components.

The DPC-6 may be used with reference grade power distributors like the TRITON, DENALI or VENOM PS8. Plug your preamplifiers, tuners, tape decks and amplifiers into the standard HYDRA power distributors and plug the digital devices into the DPC-6. This effectively isolates the digital components preventing them from polluting the rest of the audio system.

The HYDRA DPC-6 is specifically designed for use with computer media components such as:

– Computer
– Monitor
– Disk array
– Digital-to-digital converters
– Video processors
– Network devices



An AC duplex consists of two outlets. Each duplex has a dedicated isolation filters that reduce noise from the adjacent components. For best performance, connect each component to a separate duplex if possible. Group the components by function, if there are more than three components. For example: Connect a computer and monitor to Zone 1, the disc drive and router to Zone 2 and the digital converters to Zone 3.

NOTE: DACs and ADCs may perform best when plugged into a standard HYDRA or into the DPC-6 depending upon the specific component. We recommend that you experiment for best results. All outlet duplex’s on the DPC-6 are independently filtered and isolated so it does not matter which components plug into specific outlets on the HYDRA DPC-6.  All are equally isolated from one-another and from the rest of the music/video system.



The Shunyata Digital Coil was developed after years of research by Caelin Gabriel. It is unique in that it simultaneously provides common mode and differential mode noise reduction. It is a custom- wound, single lay, air core design made with Shunyata Research’s exclusive OFE C10100 power wire.



Traditional power conditioners are designed to block noise coming in from outside the home but do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic component’s themselves. In fact, most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. ‌CCI™ (‌Component-to-Component Interference) is one of the most significant but often overlooked aspects to power system performance. The Shunyata Research designed ‌CCI™ filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces RFI and power supply generated interference.


MPDA Filter

The MPDA (multi-phase differential array) is a complex surface mount circuit that significantly reduces power-line noise without the audible or visible side-effects normally associated with conventional capacitive and inductive approaches.



All commercial grade connectors and virtually all audiophile grade connectors are made from brass or bronze base metals. Some audiophile grade connectors may get a plating of nickel, silver, gold or rhodium that is only a few millionths of an inch thick. The Shunyata Research ‌CopperCONN™ is constructed using solid, high purity, oxygen free copper as the base metal with a ash coating to protect the copper from oxidation. The ‌CopperCONN™ outlets and connectors are designed to provide superior grip strength and contact integrity. This contributes to a measurable improvement in DTCD™ (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) performance and a correspondingly obvious difference in audible performance.



Shunyata Research’s exclusive ‌VTX™ conductors are virtual tubes. The core of the conductor is completely hollow, electrically, so that all of the current travels through the circumference of the conductor eliminating skin effects and random eddy currents through the conductor. The ‌VTX™ conductors are produced with OFE-C10100 copper which is the highest purity copper available.



The HYDRA DPC-6 chassis is made with heavy gauge steel and aluminum. Shunyata Research has developed exclusive vibration absorbing AC outlet gaskets and chassis dampeners that measurably reduce resonant vibration levels.


L.E.D. Fault Indicator

Includes an L.E.D that indicates the condition of the surge circuitry.