Avantgarde Acoustics Duo

Powered by its impressive 27 inch spherical horn, the Duo is the epitome of performance and dynamic beauty. Technical perfection is swathed in elegant design–work, with lines that are elegant and modern yet classic and, above all, typically Avantgarde Acoustic™.
The Duo series will change your perception of music. Do not expect less.
In the captivating world of horns, size matters: the bigger the dimensions of the horns, the more extended the bandwidth becomes, and the more the listener takes advantage of the incredible performance of the horn technology. That is why our engineers focused all of their expertise to develop a set of unique enlarged spherical horns with an extended frequency range of one full octave – compared to its smaller Uno brother. The result is the spectacular 27 inch spherical midrange horn, seamlessly powered by the high performance 7 inch M2 driver.
The tweeter H2 is now integrated within the subwoofer assembly. The bass resonance chamber has been increased, while the overall depth of the system has become significantly smaller.
Perfectly in tune with our design philosophy, there are zero components along the midrange signal path. There are no filters and no crossovers. No unnecessary interactions or losses. Only crisp response, unforgettable detail and endless dynamics – the true Avantgarde experience.
The system rests on a solid cast aluminium base frame with integrated micro–levelling spikes. The precision handles are made from solid, turned aluminium and respond with smooth easy motion when setting up the system.
The Duo–series is the most significant product line within the Avantgarde Acoustic™ portfolio. The 27 inch spherical midrange horn of this series is a perfect symbiosis of low cut–off frequency, size and outstanding performance.
The Duo is entirely in its element playing complex music, providing an inspirational experience for its owner. Beauty, elegance, craftsmanship and the magic of its spherical horns are brought together in one emotional package, an object of beauty that never fails to stir the soul.