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Avantgarde Acoustics Basshorn

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Why is the Basshorn a high end myth? Why is its nature of response so explosive, precise, natural and pure? Why is any other bass technology – even the most elaborate conventional designs – so dramatically outperformed? Just look at it and you know why!

Then we‘ll examine the specs. The Basshorn is a fully active bass system with a response of 18 to 250 Hz. Each Basshorn is driven by two powerful 12 inch long excursion drivers with 600 watts RMS. With their 185 inches squared of membrane area, the drivers are capable of displacing 31 cubic inches of air which is thrust into throat of the horn.

The sound waves are then guided through the 55 inch long expo–spherical horn and propagated into the room. The horn mouth area of each Basshorn module is 9 ft squared. In a 6 x Basshorn configuration this translates to 54 ft squared! Each Basshorn is powered by our patented ADRIC amplifier.

Maybe the Trio with Basshorns is the most beautiful speaker from Avantgarde Acoustic™. But in respect to its holistic technology it is for sure the most perfect speaker system. Designed for people with an obsessive passion for music – from people who esteem the exceptional.

Coming next from Avantgarde is the XD Series.   All speakers in the lineup (Zero, Uno, Duo, Trio) will now include this exciting new technology.  Only Avantgarde can take traditional horn technology into the 21st Century.   Introducing, XD….

The XD series will feature:

  • newly developed 1000 watts Class-D amplifiers (delivering very clean instantaneous power)
  • redesigned input stage with DSP, allowing to program multiple EQ curves (for fine adaptions according to placement or room acoustics)
  • on-board 2-line display for easy access to basic parameters
  • Ethernet and USB connection to apply graphic EQ software (for easy and precise adjustments)
  • microphone kit for room adaption measurements (coming in Q4-’15/Q1-’16)

The result achieved on the Munich 2015 show was – simply put – stunning! And together with the excellent feedback we received directly on the show, we are very positive that the XD series will quickly establish Avantgarde Acoustic in a new and even higher league.

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