Aurender N10 Music Server

Aurender N10 is Raising the Music Server Bar

The Aurender N10 delivers instant precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA. It was designed to be used along with high performance DACs. The N10 music server is the only this type of conversion. The N10 houses a 4TB of (2TBx2) internal hard disk drives and one 240GB solid-state drive cache for playback making it the ideal solution for even the largest high resolution music collections.


Aurender designed the N10 to make the system noise level almost non-existent. With dual linear power and unique shielding prevents noise from being delivered to sensitive DACs for premium sound reproduction.


The N10 was designed to be work with high performance DACs. It comes standard with various SPDIF outputs including,  BNC, AES/EBU, coaxial, and optical as well as a dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 output. For file transfers and network connectivity, the N10 CD transport includes a one-gig ethernet port and two USB 2.0 data ports.

Aurender’s Conductor App turns an iPad into a versatile user interface for Aurender brand music players and servers. App features allow users to manage playlists and play high resolution music in a user-friendly platform.



Aurender N10 is equipped with OCXOs to eliminate ditter. These crystals offer increased stability versus mass-produced crystal oscillators. Typically, temperature changes cause fluctuations in the crystal and that may lead to jitter in the signal. N10’s OCXO crystals are tucked in an enclosed compartment and remain as a constant temperature to combat this issue.

Aurender equipped the N10 music server with two internal hard drives that offer 4TB of storageas well as a 240G solid-state drive. When a song or album is cashed to the solid-state drive, it remains asleep in order to prolov the drive’s life. This also eliminates any electrical ot acoustic noise from moving parts or motors.


Additionally, Aurender N10 is able to play music saved on NAS devices.


n10 music server  aurender n10 music server



Compatible FormatsDSD(DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE and others
Bit and Sample RatesSPDIF : Up to 24-bit, 192kHz (PCM); 1-bit, 2.8MHz (DSD64)
USB :  32bit /384kHz,  1-bit, 2.8MHz (DSD64); 1-bit, 5.6MHz (DSD128)
User SoftwareAurender Conductor iPad App, Android App (Lite Version)
Solid-State Drive1 x 240 GB
Hard Disk Drives4TB (2 x 2TB)
SPDIF ClockingFPGA-based All Digital Phase Locked Loop
Audio ClockOCXO
Digital Audio Outputs1 coaxial, 1 optical, 1 AES/EBU, 1 BNC, 1 USB Audio Class 2.0
 ​Digital I/O1 Gigabit LAN, 2 x USB 2.0
​CPU BoardProprietary Aurender Board​
​Main Memory4GB​
​FinishSilver or Black​
​Dimensions​430mm x 83mm x 353mm
16.93in x 3.27in x 13.9in
27.03 lb
​Power Consumption​Play(27W), Peak(37W), Standby(3.1W)
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