Vivid Audio

Vivid Audio’s team is backed by four decades of audio legacy. They are not purely innovation in construction or specialty components, they represent the future in high end audio equipment, specifically with premium quality loudspeaker systems.


In a wooded suburb of Durban, arose a new player in premium audio equipment. Since that time, engineers have been enthusiastically innovating, refining and building state-of-the-art technologies to be housed in first-class loudspeakers.


Vivid Audio equipment is special in that nearly each component of every model is unique and not found in any other loudspeaker. Each element is meticulously selected, tested and assembled with the highest standards in mind. All drivers and speaker cabinets are both designed and assembled in-house.


In 2000, Philip Guttentag was first inspired to create premium loudspeaker systems. Together with Robert Trunz (an ex B&W president) and Laurence Dickie (inventor of the B&W Matrix), they have pionered the brand into what it is today.  Vivid Audio’s design aims to achieve the purest sound free from reflection or resonance.



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