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Tannoy was founded in 1926 by Guy Fountain in London, England. Its name is a combination of tantalum and alloy which was a material developed by the company and used in an electrolytic rectifier.

They became a household name during World War II after supplying PA units to armed forces. Tannoy pioneered the Dual Concentric loudspeaker design where the tweeter operates within the woofer unit.

Currently, they produce an impressive variety of both active and passive loudspeaker products that employ both the traditional and dual concentric drivers design. Tannoy has remained a steady and imposing brand over the past 90 years regardless of the evolving Hifi loudspeaker climate.

Thier Hifi loudspeakers are easily distinguishable by their vintage design. The brand also creates loudspeakers with a more modern look and they still contain the traditional charm. All of their products both vintage and modern blend seamlessly with any home listening room.

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