MAGICO began over ten years ago with the sole purpose of leading an assault on what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design.

In 1994, more than a decade prior to founding Magico, Alon Wolf set out to create and build the perfect loudspeaker system. Since that time, him and his team have created an extensive variety of loudspeakers, amassed numerous awards and international acclaim.

Magico Loudspeakers are designed and tested against the perfect audio standard – live music. The company aims to be industry leaders in development, creation and manufacturing of the most cutting-edge loudspeakers in the world.

The loudspeaker magnate utilizes leading computer graphic modeling software, precision real-time analysis and the most advanced CAD acoustic emulators and simulators available. They creates industrial “works of art” that surpass commercial and custom speaker outfits around the world.

Magico employs highly skilled and expertly trained technicians, machinists and craftsmen. It’s employees are tremendously specialized in their craft which allows the company to seamlessly translate concept into design. The company prides itself in keeping this process entirely in-house, a specialty not shared by many in the industry. They proudly calls San Francisco, California home.

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