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Offering the finest selection of Gryphon equipment. From the iconic Gryphon Diablo to Kalliope and even Mephisto, we offer the full variety of Gryphon DACs, power amplifiers, preamps, integrated amplifiers, phonostages, loudspeakers, accessories and more.

Much like the mythical creature, robust yet controlled appropriately describes the entire Gryphon collection. Sturdy enough to handle massive amounts of power and refined through years of testing to produce distinctive sounds specific to the Gryphon Audio brand.

Flemming E. Rasmussen founded the brand in 1985 and what started as a hobby, evolved into the premier audio design company is is today. All Gryphon Audio products are both designed and manufactured in Denmark. The primary focus of ‘no-frills’ has remained since Gryphon’s first original design. Integrity of product and stunning clean finish are staples of all the brand’s products. Gryphon Audio pieces are understated and elegant enough to complement any room yet anyone who picks up a Gryphon will immediately notice it’s sturdy mass that remains a rarity in the industry.

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