For over 21 years Esoteric has created and delivered superior audio and video equipment for the most enthusiastic audiophiles. It’s corporate philosophy, “The joy of the highest levels of musical elation,” serves at the cornerstone of all production activities.


Esoteric was established during a period of rapid transition. The audio industry quickly moved from analog disks to analog tapes, CD to super audio CD, VHS to DVD and the cycle still continues. This allowed the brand to develop a unique approach to research & development of premium quality products that remains at the core of the company today.


They chose to focus on premium components and made the decision to add amplifiers to their product line. The natural evolution allowed Esoteric to couple replay technologies and high recording based on their innovative and


Amidst industry change and ruthless competition, Esoteric is consistent in their delivery of excellence. They will continue to provide high quality audio equipment for those audiophiles who are seeking pure and invigorating sound.


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