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Chord Electronics began in in the rigid aviation industry. That’s world’s standard of excellence was endless possibilities and uncompromising standards. That methodology was created by the owner John Franks and it has helped shape Chord’s philosophy and direction since the company began back in 1989.

Their very first amplifiers supplied prominent companies such as Sony Music in Ney York, Abbey Road, the BBC and even the Royal Opera House.

In time, Chord’s reputation for excellence spawned great demand for the at home listener. Creating such equipment required a completely new design, build standards and a complete engineering overhaul.

Chord Electronics has developed and utilized it’s very own proprietary technology to all of it’s British made products and provide studio worth sound to many houses around the world.

Our engineering expertise has led to innovative in-house technologies that enable our products to process and deliver audio without limitation, reproducing music just as the artist originally intended.

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