Audio Research is among the oldest American manufacturers of high-end audio equipment. Founded in Minneapolis in 1970, they started with the primary goal of advancing state-of-the-art music reproduction. To this day, they remain focused on quality and design over rapid “new mass-market” product iterations.

Over the past 40 years, Audio Research has steadily grown to supply audiophiles not just across America but throughout the world. They are headquartered in Minnesota and maintain all production in the U.S. with around 50 technical, assembly and support staff.

Audio Research has continually stated that they strive to products that stand the test of time. Even with legacy equipment, they can still repair and refurbish to the original performance specifications (on most products).

When manufacturers nearly abandoned vacuum-tube designs, Audio Research’s founder, William Z. Johnson, helped revive the technology. Thier products have demonstrated lasting residual value after purchase. A number of models have been called ‘collectors’ and continue to resell for as much or more than what they originally cost. They have come to represent exceptional performance and timeless value for audio enthusiasts across the globe.

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