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How to Choose the Best Home Theater System

If you have been watching movies, shows, or sports at home with a standard TV and no sound system, it is time to check your budget then go get a great home theater system. There is no hard and fast rule about building your system because your home is as unique as you are and one system may be better than another to suit your ear, the home’s decor, and the size of the room. But there are a few things to consider when choosing key parts of your system.

The Best Floor-Standing Speakers in 2019

Over the years, bookshelf speakers have become popular due to their smaller size and improving sound quality. That being said, a quality floor-standing speaker will still out-perform a bookshelf speaker. Having a larger speaker cabinet permits the manufacturers to design speakers with a wider fidelity range, more authority, and much greater bass response. Here is a look at some great floor-standing speaker choices for 2019.

The Return of Turntables

Technology tends to follow a predictable path that has been replicated time and again. A tech comes out, catches on and becomes popular before being replaced by newer tech a few years later. In these situations, the obsolete equipment and techniques surrounding it are tossed and forgotten as the world moves on.

Choose Suncoast Audio for Your Audio Needs

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