I bought Siltech cables and a Devialet D400 from Suncoast Audio. My system has never sounded this good. Mike is knowledgable, fair and provides great customer service.


I’ve known of Michael for quite a while, probably more than a few years. Since then I have had two business dealings with him, and both times he was a pleasure to deal with. The first time was a personal transaction where I purchased his almost new pair of Magico S5 speakers. I have to admit I was a bit nervous buying from a stranger since these speakers cost more than my car. The speakers were shipped cross country, arrived in flawless condition, and there were no surprises. The second time was a business transaction where I purchased a Lumin S1 file player. This too was a very smooth sale, and I am very happy with both purchases. If there was a way to rank someone for online sales then I would put Mike at the top of the best category.


Of course Mike is knowledgable, experienced, easy to do business with, honorable and embraces real ethics! But what caught me by surprise and this is where he shines: zero pressure, enthusiasm and a personal touch in everything he does. The guy genuinely loves this stuff and helping audiophiles reach their dream regardless of budget or lack of. I trust Mike. I believe in him. This guy cares and rocks!


Mike at Suncoast Audio is a joy to work with. He is as honest of a sales guy that you can have. He definitely wants a relationship with a customer not just a sale, it’s like money is secondary. Buying from him is an easy, hassle free experience. He follows through with everything he says he will.