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Shunyata Research

Shunyata Research was founded in 1997 by Caelin Gabriel, a former military scientist. His objective, to design cable systems and power-lines that completely eliminate the destructive effect that noise has on visual imaging systems and high-resolution sound systems. His background allowed him to grow the company to be one of the most recognized and professionally endorsed cable and power-product manufacturers in the audio/video industry.

Located in Poulsbo, Washington, Shunyata Research’s factory encompasses 18,000 square feet of both workspace and offices. They employ 18 persons and pride themselves in the fact that most employees have been with them since it’s beginning.

A majority of their products are steadily hand-assembled in Washington and subsequently packaged, stocked and shipped from the factory. Shunyata Research equipment is sold worldwide and is recognized for its foundation in science coupled with component customization to deliver unmatched performance. They have assisted in advancing high-performance power conditioning and system cabling technology.

Gabriel’s background involved the research and design of ultra-sensitive data-acquisition systems that find low-level signals that are usually hidden by random noise. Work on those projects translated in to work with high-performance cables & power-products and his innovations have earned him world-renowned accreditation in the audio industry… and more recently, the medical field.

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