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Founded by Nelson Pass in 1991, Pass Labs began by operating out of his home. With the help of Mike Burley, they used home-built machines to produce single-ended Class A amplifiers.

The end result was the Aleph O and it was first shipped in 1992. Its monoblock design was unique in using three gain stages of power and was called the ‘Amplifier of the Decade’ in Stereophile Magazine.

In 1994 Wayne Colburn joined the Pass Labs team and started work to improve their preamp and a new phono stage. That same year, the company received two patents. One of those patents is the same design that became the SuperSymmetric circuit that is used in their equipment today.

Over the years, Pass Labs has introduced new iterations and technology to wow audiophiles around the world. In 2007, Desmond Harrington assumed responsibility as President of the company. Nelson and Wayne continue development work on new technology.

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