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MSB Technology

From the very beginning in 1986, MSB Technology has specialized in unscrambling digital audio signals. Currently, they offer a full range of the highest quality DACs, amplifiers, and SACD/DVD/CD transports to audio enthusiasts around the globe.

Founded by two engineers Mark Brasfield and Larry Gullman, they immediately got to work on a DAC to help lagging CD technology compete with the long-enduring LP vinyl record. To do this, they embarked upon redesigning the Philips CD player and it’s internal DAC. The letters MSB stand for Most Significant Bit… which is the bit position in a binary number having the greatest value.

MSB Technology focuses on sturdy integration between mechanical components, electrical components, and the customer needs to offer the very best product. They have since gone on to create innovation after innovation to bring the world a system with the lowest resonance and advanced musical playback system on the market.

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