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Harbeth speakers are the brainchild of H.D. Hardwood which debuted its first loudspeaker called the HL Monitor. Over the past 40 years, the company has developed, tested, and innovated new materials to create nearly perfect acoustic properties.

In Lindfield, England lies the heart of Harbeth speakers production. New speakers are assembled on a daily basis and they are only made to order. To create a perfect speaker requires harmony between science and artistry. Harbeth experts hand-assemble all speakers and have worked together for a combined 60 years!

Testing remains an enormous priority of the brand and several areas in the facility are devoted to innovation as well as quality assurance. They incoming-test every drive unit from suppliers next to units made in-house. They also do the same with each crossover board. Finally, each finished product is sweet-tested prior to leaving the facility.

Overall, Harbeth Speakers are highly refined instruments that are thoughtfully designed, painstakingly tested, and carefully assembled. They were designed to last provided that they are treated with respect.

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