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Since 1979, Focal has been setting the standard for high-end headphones, loudspeakers and monitoring loudspeakers. Their values perfectly meld technology with design, mechanics, and worthy materials. They are constantly pushing the limits of sound to deliver a unique listening experience.

All Focal products are developed by engineers in Saint-Étienne, France, and are created using exclusive technology and innovation specific to the brand. This philosophy gives enduring value to their loudspeakers because these technologies can’t be found anywhere else. They believe the best way to maintain quality is to have 100% control over design.

They remain one of the only companies in the world that continue to invest in acoustic research with the goal of completely reproducing the artist’s original work.

Every new generation of products integrates previous enhancements and innovations which allows Focal to offer new quality products. They continue to win the hearts of audiophiles worldwide and offer listeners a truly memorable experience.



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